Divorce Mediations Conference Room Sugar Land Texas

Our Services

Mr. Brophy offers litigants and would-be litigants the opportunity to participate in the mediation process in the comfort of spacious and attractive conference rooms within his office building in Stafford, Texas (just Southwest of the Houston city limit).  Full-day participants will be offered a menu of lunch items from which to choose, free of additional charge.  If, however, the parties to a mediation find this location to be inconvenient or inappropriate for any reason, Mr. Brophy will gladly offer his assistance at a location of the parties’ choosing.

Mediation Rates

Mr. Brophy’s charges for mediation services will vary depending upon the complexity of the matter to be mediated, the number of parties involved, and other relevant factors.  As an example only, the charges for a mediation involving a simple personal injury case may be as follows:

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